Anna Taft, Counselor, Huntington

JOB TITLE:  Counselor

LOCATION:  Huntington, WV

EDUCATION:  Master of Arts in Clinical Health Counseling, Marshall University

CERTIFICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS:  SBIRT Certified, Member – Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society

JOB DUTIES:  I help my clients develop coping skills in order to deal with life’s stressors, both large and small, through cognitive behavioral therapy and psycoeducation. I help them set short and long-term goals and assist them in reaching those by giving them tools to build a sober life and achieve their ambitions. I aid them in relapse prevention by offering alternative coping mechanisms to using and encourage them in their journeys. I coordinate with our medical staff in order to ensure that clients are getting the best possible care, both medically and psychologically.

WHY I DO THIS:  Recovering addicts are some of the strongest, most inspiring people I know. I get to spend every day working with true survivors. And I believe I learn as much from them as they do from me. It is rewarding and gratifying to be able to help this population regain control of their lives and give them the tools they need to reach their goals and overcome adversity.

WORKING AT OVP:  OVP is not like other clinics. Our patients aren’t numbers. They are people who we value and respect. And our employees are treated like family. I enjoy being part of a company that is always look forward to innovative ways to better the way in which we serve our population. The whole team at OVP is here to help – not just with counseling, but with medical issues and any support or referrals they might need. Recovery is possible – and you have it in you to rebuild your life. We’re just here to add tools to your belt!

OUTSIDE OF WORK:  I enjoy traveling, spending time with my friends and family, writing, sketching and pretty much anything that gives me a rush.

FUN FACT:  I’ve done four solo skydives!

VIDEO:  I hope you enjoy this video about one of my “star clients,” a wonderful person and mother by the name of Vanessa.