Betty Willis – Counselor, Gallipolis, OH

JOB TITLE:  Therapist/Counselor

LOCATION:  Gallipolis, OH

EDUCATION/CERTIFICATIONS/MEMBERSHIPS:  Bachelor of Arts, Major in Social Work at Ohio University in Athens, OH. Member  of Alpha Beta Chapter of Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society. Completed the American Association of the State Social Work Boards (AASWB) State of Ohio Licensing Exam. Completed Certification as a CDCA Chemical Dependency Counselor in 1996. Worked 16 years as a Mental Health Therapist. Earned Corrections Officer Certification in 2006, while working for three years for the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office.

JOB DUTIES:  I work with patients to help them find their place in recovery and get their dignity back. At times, we work from the bottom up. Our program is all about the patient. If they have a job, we try very hard to work around that job to keep the patient in their recovery and working.

WHY I DO THIS:  I was married to an alcoholic and drug addict for almost six years. We had three beautiful children together. I loved this man very much, but there comes a time when you have to make some difficult choices. I know there is life after recovery. It’s not an easy road, but it’s so worth it! If I help just one person, that is why I do it and enjoy doing it! I have seen the patients suffer in the emergency rooms. I have seen them go through withdrawal in jails. And this is why I want to help. There is no need to suffer. I want people to know that HOPE is around the corner, up the tree and down the steps. Just follow your heart!

WORKING AT OVP:  They have the same beliefs I have – help the patient heal. They believe that as long as an addict is alive, there is hope for healing.

OUTSIDE OF WORK:  I have four wonderful adult children who have gifted me with 12 grandchildren – six boys and six girls. And in September, another boy will be born!!! I raised my children with little or no help from others. It is not easy being both Mom and Dad. I am very proud of the people they have become and the way they are bringing p their children. They are what I look forward to outside of work. I love spending time with the babies – one on one and all together!