Heather Whitt

JOB TITLE:  Substance Abuse/Mental Health Counselor

LOCATION:  Prestonsburg, KY

EDUCATION:  Masters of Education with emphasis in Counseling and Human Development from Lindsey Wilson College. Recently received LPCA (Licensed Practicing Counseling Associate)

JOB DUTIES:  As a counselor, I listen and offer alternative ways of thinking, acting or believing. I am here for clients to discuss their problems and issues related to substance abuse and other mental health topics. We try to help the client on a personal level in order to help them continue their sobriety. I want them to come away from the program with a better understanding of themselves and their approach to life. We all want them to succeed.

WHY I DO THIS:  I truly enjoy my job. I enjoy helping those who are seeking a new way of living or a new way of life.  I am thrilled to learn that a client has reached a new milestone, such as a month clean or six months clean. I love being able to help them along on their journeys.

WORKING AT OVP/AHS:  I like working at OVP because this company cares about the clients. They want each and every one to succeed.

OUTSIDE OF WORK:  I enjoy spending time with my husband, my children and my pets. I also love to read and watch movies.