Shawn Cheek – Counselor, Logan, WV

JOB TITLE:  Counselor


EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Arts in Counseling and Human Services, Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Counseling and Human Services

JOB DUTIES:  I do adult diagnostic assessments to assess clients’ needs while getting background information to make diagnosis. I work on creating treatment plans with clients to find the best possible treatment options for each client. I manage a caseload of clients that I see on both weekly and bi-weekly basis. I perform group sessions with clients that require more intensive services. I complete notes and paperwork as required by clinical work. I help with the front office to schedule appointments and take payments. And I also work after hours to maintain the cleanliness of the building.

WHY I DO THIS:  Logan County is an area that has been plagued with addiction and illicit substance use. People in this area have been left to feel helpless and “given up on” by the outside world. I enjoy helping this population get the help they so desperately need. It brings me great joy to see a client progress in treatment, come into sessions and tell me how they have incorporated the coping skills and relapse prevention skills that we discuss directly into their everyday lives. I love letting clients know that someone does care for them and that someone does want to see them succeed. I now have a career and not just a job.

WORKING AT SOUTHERN WV PRIMARY CARE SPECIALISTS:  I have had many jobs in many different area of work. West Virginia Primary Care Specialists has become my second family. My co-workers have been here to support me in every aspect of my life – from showing up to my graduation to throwing me a party at work when they learned I would be having my first child/ They have supported me in my endeavors to buy my first home – and they gave me encouraging words when I have lost friends to accidental deaths. They have shown me love and compassion through so many stages of life in such a short time. And for that, I am forever grateful to occupy a spot beside them at West Virginia Primary Care Specialists.

OUTSIDE OF WORK:  When I am not at work, I choose weightlifting to occupy a lot of my time. I love to be physically active and develop my strength and stamina for the longevity of my life. I also have a great love of hitting the open roads on my motorcycle. No matter what struggles and stresses of everyday life, my motorcycle and an open road is the best stress reduction I know. I love extreme sports such as freestyle skiing, whitewater rafting and kayaking. I love hiking and being in the beauty of nature. But most of all, I love spending time with my family and friends.