News and Articles from Ohio Valley Physicians

OVP’s ER Physician Staffing Service

The foundation of Ohio Valley Physicians (or OVP) has always been its high quality ER Staffing Service - a service that provides and manages the physicians and nurse practitioners needed to effectively staff hospital emergency departments. And no hospital system...

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OVP’s Hospitalist Staffing Services

In addition to providing emergency physician staffing services for hospitals, Ohio Valley Physicians staffs hospitals with physicians from a relatively new specialty called "hospitalists." Learn more in this brief video.

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Meet Brad Barnett

Brad Barnett, a substance abuse therapist at Appalachian Health Services in Logan, WV, is healthy, happy and successful today. But about eight years ago, he was at "rock bottom," after battling for more than a decade with opioid addiction. Hear Brad tell his story -...

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Vanessa’s Story

Vanessa is a 37-year-old, single mother of two who has overcome a terrible heroin addiction to become the person and mother she has always wanted to be. Learn how she did it - with the help of our addiction experts at Appalachian Health Services.

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