Ohio Valley Physicians (OVP) will begin providing Emergency Department staffing services at Williamson Memorial Hospital in Williamson, WV, beginning Thursday, November 1. The services agreement is one of three major OVP investments in Williamson being celebrated this week, including the opening of a new primary care/addiction treatment facility in downtown Williamson and the donation of $25,000 to a newly-formed Williamson Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Williamson Memorial hosted an open house event last week to introduce the hospital’s new ownership and management by Mingo Health Partners, LLC, and to recognize its partnership with Ohio Valley Physicians and other community partners.

“We’ve had the blessing of finding some really good partners to help us bring this hospital back to life – one of them being Ohio Valley Physicians,” said Williamson Mayor Charlie Hatfield, who, along with Sam Kapourales and Doug Reynolds, are the major investors in Mingo Health Partners, LLC. “I love the approach that OVP is bringing to us. The fact that they’re so committed to our community and hospital by also opening an off-site office to address the opioid epidemic here – that speaks volumes to their commitment. They’re more than just a stakeholder. They’re a real participant.”

That off-site office, called Southern West Virginia Primary Care Specialists, a division of Ohio Valley Physicians, opens on Monday, October 29, at 61 East Third Avenue in downtown Williamson. It will provide primary care medical services for the general public and medication-assisted treatment and counseling services for people suffering from opioid addiction.

“We are excited and grateful to have the opportunity to expand our emergency department services and outpatient services to the Williamson community,” said Stacey Shy, CEO of Ohio Valley Physicians. “This is going to be a great partnership for us. We’re going to have a great relationship with this community, and we look forward to many years of providing service here.”

Shy also encouraged Hatfield, also Williamson Memorial’s interim CEO, to establish a new foundation for the hospital, promising to give it a good start by contributing $25,000 to it, so the foundation could help the hospital raise funds for needed equipment and services.

“Ohio Valley Physicians is all about family and community,” Shy said. “Those elements are part of our core value as a company. And we couldn’t think of a better way to express our commitment to families in the Williamson community than by giving a kick-start to this foundation.”

“Wow!,” said Hatfield. “That’s more than kick-starting it. That will really get it going! And we are so excited and grateful about that!”

Ohio Valley Physicians, headquartered in Huntington, WV, provides physician staffing services for local hospitals; operates primary and urgent care facilities; and offers medication-assisted treatment and counseling services in more than 14 communities across West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and South Carolina.