Tara Landers – Executive Assistant

JOB TITLE:  Executive Assistant

LOCATION:  Corporate Office – Huntington, WV

EDUCATION:  Associate of Science Degree, Ohio University

JOB DUTIES:  Onboarding of new providers, credentialing, licensing (new and renewals), constant upkeep of providers’ credentials, scheduling of ED/Hospitalist providers, various administrative duties

WORKING AT OVP:  I love that we’re just one big family. And I love watching the company grow and being part of that growth. There’s never a lack of work to be done! I’m so appreciative of this company! I feel like I have grown as a person and have gained a wealth of experience and self-esteem.

OUTSIDE OF WORK:  I enjoy relaxing and hanging out with my husband, Fred, and our two sons, Colt and Nick.